September 2021 Vol 1



Infinity Performing Arts Studio

Looking to get involved in dance, musical theatre or performing ? Then you must check out Infinity Arts Production Studio where their goal is to become the most prestigious performing arts studio in Barrie. IPAS is a competitive musical theatre arts program designed to promote, build and nurture the talents of children between the ages of 4 – 18 years old transforming them into sensational performers! It doesn’t matter how much experience one has, the extensive teaching, training and experience will bring each person to the level of professionalism that may lead them to other great opportunities!

Support this black owned business and visit their website to book a visit or for inquries

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Business Mentorship Program in Collaboration with Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Center

Accelerate your Business with Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre & UPlift Black. Just in time for the new season, we are happy to present this insightful opportunity for only TEN people. Register before September 20th 2021 to be apart of this special program geared towards operating your business and becoming the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. Apply soon, the program begins Monday September 27th 2021.
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*Disclaimer* Only applicants from Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA individuals who are based in Simcoe County, Ontario Canada are eligible to apply.

Accelerate Your Black-Owned Business
with Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre & UPlift Black

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Supporting Partners @gchbec @smallbusinessbarrie @barriepubliclibrary

Applicants from Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA individuals who are based in Simcoe County, Ontario Canada are eligible to apply

Past. Present. Pause.

5 Artists Explore Notions of Difference

Difference is as certain in nature, as it is in art, and humanity. Each of the artists exhibiting here are exploring this rich idea of diversity.  Collectively they start a conversation that will continue not only for them, but hopefully for those who encounter their work with open minds, and a willingness to pause and reflect. UPlift is thrilled to announce 3 of our Black Artist Collective members will be a part of Be Contemporary Gallery’s newest exhibit. Our Black Artist Collective Chair, Dawn Cain, will be premiering her art for the first time along with photographer Ryan Osman in Innisfil this month.  Recognized artist Sean George has been an influential person within Simcoe County and is the perfect option to lead this crusade as the exhibition curator. The art reflects themes of BIPOC identity revealing different choices, in media, in content, while bringing forward divergent backgrounds.  

The gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 12pm to 5.  Please email or visit the gallery website to book a viewing and continue to support local artists

Artist Spotlight

Jenny Cadot

Jenny Cadot (pronounced ka.dō) is a gentle soul with a smile that lights up the room. This  talented creative is a singer/songwriter, poet, activist and photographer, and may be seen  performing with the Spoken Word group, Les A “mot” reux. 

Jenny was born and raised in Montréal, Québec. She said she was writing songs and poetry by  the age of 8. Being a shy person by nature, it was easier for Jenny to express herself on paper.  Often, she would write about things that had affected her day in a negative way. Writing about  these experiences helped her feel better. During this time, Jenny was active in her church choir  

where she sang in Haitian Creole and French. Later, she participated in gospel and jazz choirs.  She also took classical and pop vocal lessons. 

When she was a teenager, Jenny received a camera as a gift and began to photograph family  events. She would also stage fashion shoots with her doll that included costume changes and  lighting considerations! Her interest in photography continued, but the self- confidence in her  

talent was lacking. Despite being shy, Jenny was always an advocate for others — speaking out  against any injustice. Because of this trait, her mother suggested a career in law. After starting  one semester of law studies at the Université de Montréal, she knew this was not the path she  

should follow, so she left the program. Jenny completed a Bachelor’s degree in social work at  the Université du Québec à Montréal and spent 7 years working as a social worker. Although  she loved working with people, she noticed she was smiling less and had a feeling that she  was losing her joy. This led her to obtain a diploma (Attestation d’Études Collégiales) in  commercial photography from Collège Marsan. Today, she is the official photographer for the  Montréal painter, percussionist, singer and composer, Bonga, an artist dedicated to presenting  Haitian culture. 

Throughout the years, Jenny has continued to perform as a vocalist primarily within the Haitian  community. She has also performed in the Fringe Festival, LME Festival, Festival des Arts de  Montréal-Nord and Festival du Drapeau et des Nations. Presently, she’s working on her second  recording. Her first, Dans mon océan, was released in 2005 and again in 2007. 

The language divide in the city exists. Artists are categorized as anglophone or francophone.  Often, the black community will further divide itself based upon country of origin. When asked  about this, Jenny took time to reflect and stated, “It’s always been like that.” She  acknowledges that Kalmunity, a Montréal-based multiracial Spoken Word/music performing  troupe, embraces both languages and in so doing, embraces a move towards unity. Where  there’s unity, strength soon follow.

Issue by Dawn Cain

Thank you everyone for reading our latest issue of the UPlift Newsletter. As a Barrie resident for 18 years, I am very passionate about giving back to our BIPOC community in Simcoe County. Currently I am a TV/Film Writer student at Toronto Film School, business owner, artist and Community News Director for UPlift Black. If you would like to contact me or have a BIPOC artist/business that needs recognition please email