June 2021





Black Music Month was initiated in the United States by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979 to recognize and celebrate the contributions of black musicians and composers. Since then we have seen the cultural rise of Black artists impact culture, business and musical standards.

In 2019, Mayor John Tory declared June as Black Music Month in the city of Toronto.

Take the time this month to celebrate your favourite black musicians. Check out some of our favourite artists down below.

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Gary Beals

Also known as the runner up to the first season of Canadian Idol, Gary Beals is a soulful singer from the community of Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia. As an artist, he is willing to bare it all with his fans as he allows himself to be vulnerable and honest with his music. When he isn’t recording or loving life to the fullest, Mr. Beals has been performing live acoustic sessions which can be found on his YouTube page. Go and listen to his latest album Bleed My Truth on Spotify. I had to listen to it back to back when it was first released and it is still in my daily music rotation. You can feel and sense his artistry and soul being shared with us with every track. It is the perfect album to welcome the sun of summer with a fresh mix of soul, pop, funk and addictive vocals.

Moonlight Voodoo

Moonlight Benjamin was born in Haiti in 1971 and grew up in a Protestant orphanage. She spent many years singing in the church, but eventually felt a strong desire to reconnect with her Haitian culture through music. Moonlight began working with other Haitian artists before making a move to France in 2002. Known as the ‘Voodoo Priestess of Blues Rock’ — yes, she’s really a Voodoo priestess! Benjamin’s music combines voodoo rhythms and melodies with classic rock ‘n’ roll chord progressions and guitar riffs with high energy that will get you moving!

UPlift Black Artists Collective presents our Black Artists of Simcoe County Spotlight:

Alinka Angelova

Alinka Angelova is a singer, composer, dancer, playwright, director and owner of Infinity Performing Arts Studio in Barrie. Her stage production, Mute: The Musical, was performed at the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival. Alinka’s newest musical release is titled No Boundaries, and is available on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Land Acknowledgment 

As people of Afrikan descent,

we offer this land recognition in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island

in the efforts and deliberate intentions toward decolonization.

We acknowledge the land of Turtle Island,

that was never meant to be owned.

We recognize that most of the land

that was entrusted to the Indigenous peoples, was in some cases shared by choice,

but all too often taken by force.

We recognize the historical colonialism,

and the ongoing colonialism,

that has led to the present-day situation

where land acknowledgements

are offered in place of land.

As people of Afrikan descent,

many of us have come here by choice,

while many are here as a result of historical force.

We acknowledge the complexities

where we were promised land

that was never given,

By those whose it never was to give.

As people of Afrikan descent,

we acknowledge the land of Turtle Island that sustains us, express deep gratitude to its Indigenous peoples, and pledge to honour our dignity and divinity that ultimately connects us all.


~ ©by Kaye Johnson 2020

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Come join UPlift for our first virtual event – The Annual BBQ Fundraiser. Happening on Emancipation Day, Sunday August 1st 2021.

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