Shak’s World

What is Shak’s World?

Since being established in 2015, Shak’s World has been known for an unparalleled commitment to community involvement and youth engagement. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

Shak’s World offers a variety of community based activities to empower youth across Simcoe County and beyond. 

Our goal is to encourage and uplift youth, to build resiliency through togetherness. 

We see sports as a catalyst for personal growth, an opportunity for participants of any skill level to strengthen themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 

We believe in building respectful community connections. We empower our youth to stay humble and kind. 

Shak’s World is ever growing and evolving. Currently, we provide workshops, motivational talks, youth mentorship opportunities, conversations, celebrations, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities. 

Whether you’re an individual, school, organization or business, scroll down to learn more about the opportunities by contacting us.

Making Change

It’s about Community. Click here to access a list from Making Change of Black-Owned Businesses in Simcoe County.

Making Change’s GOAL is to spark broad community interest and foster conversations around inclusion and diversity.  We have a specific focus on raising awareness and educating and exposing people to the Black community, Black culture, issues around anti-Black racism. We are building community inclusion and togetherness through activities, allyship, participation and discussion. We also provide support – financial and administrative –  to local organizations aligned with supporting the Black community, and those doing diversity and inclusion work.

Through our initiatives centred around Black History Month, Making Change embraces the community values that connect us as people, bring us closer together, and encourage us to support each other.

It’s really about community togetherness.


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