Land Acknowledgement 

As people of Afrikan descent,  

we offer this land recognition in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island

in the efforts and deliberate intentions toward decolonization. 

We acknowledge the land of Turtle Island,  

that was never meant to be owned.  

We recognize that most of the land  

that was entrusted to the Indigenous peoples, was in some cases shared by choice,  

but all too often taken by force. 

We recognize the historical colonialism,  

and the ongoing colonialism,  

that has led to the present-day situation  

where land acknowledgements  

are offered in place of land.  

As people of Afrikan descent,  

many of us have come here by choice,  

while many are here as a result of historical force.  

We acknowledge the complexities  

where we were promised land  

that was never given,  

By those whose it never was to give. 

As people of Afrikan descent,  

we acknowledge the land of Turtle Island that sustains us, express deep gratitude to its Indigenous peoples,  and pledge to honour our dignity and divinity  that ultimately connects us all.  

~ ©by Kaye Johnson 2020