Anti-Black Racism Education and Consulting Services

UPlift Black 365 – Virtual workshop on Anti-Black Racism with a local lens

4 Hours (Virtual only – in person coming soon!) 

Topics Include:

A local perspective of Black History Canada’s Colonial History  

African Diaspora – know the difference 

White Privilege & White Supremacy 

The realities of Systemic Racism 

The effects of Colourism? 

Race as a Social Construct 

Implicit Bias and Unconscious Bias 

Intersectionality within Black Community 


What is an Ally? 

How to Become Actively Anti-racist 

Cultural Competency

UPlift Black Students School Presentation - A look back and a way forward

 1.5 hours (Virtual only – in person coming soon)


Land Acknowledgment 

UPlift Black’s Journey 

Video: Black History In Canada 

History of Black Student experience in Canada 

Local Black History

Let’s talk about Anti-Black Racism 

What is Systemic Racism? 

Now What? How to be a champion for a change.

UPlift Black - Share. Support. Show UP for Black Lives

45 Min  (Virtual only, in person  coming soon!)  –  Free  – available for Stakeholder Meetings


Land Acknowledgement 

Who is UPlift Black? 

What does “Black” mean to US? 

Black Lives Matter 

UPlift Black Local History 


How UPlift Black plans to Make an IMPACT 

How to show UP for Black Lives 

UPlift Black Vision for the Future 

Activated Allyship 

Get Involved & Q&A


Cultural Competency and Anti-Black Racism Educational Consulting

To Book please contact Shelly Skinner at 705-230-6001 or by emailing  

Thank you for helping to UPlift Black lives in your community!

Book a member of UPlift Black team for a speaking event

Please contact Shelly at or contact our office at 705-500-5183.

Share. Support. Show UP!