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General email: info@upliftblack.org

Shelly Skinner – President and Founder shelly@upliftblack.org

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Yaa Deane – Board Chair and Education Coordinator: ramona@upliftblack.org


110 Little Ave Suite 2A
Barrie, ON L4N 4K8

Email Directory

Jessica Kelly: admin@upliftblack.org

Natasha Shakespeare and Michelle Martin: advocacy@upliftblack.org

Gwyn Beaver: art@upliftblack.org

Chris Fee: bookclub@upliftblack.org

Laura Flynn Northcote: finance@upliftblack.org

General Inquiry: info@upliftblack.org

Sarah Downey: it@upliftblack.org

Kelly Letourneau: kelly@upliftblack.org

Arsheen Shamaila: news@upliftblack.org

2SLGBTQPNIA+ Coordinator: pride@upliftblack.org

Gillian Scobie: programdirector@upliftblack.org

Shelly Skinner: shelly@upliftblack.org

Tomika McIntosh: wellness@upliftblack.org


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